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Weddings + Bridal Trials

Hey, Gorgeous Bride! Your wedding is your most special day, and I would love to be a part of it! Let me give you a magical experience to make you feel even MORE beautiful than you already are! 

Bookings take place up to a year out, and retainer/contract is required to complete your booking. Please click below to review additional information.

Why is it importrant to hire a make-up artist for my wedding/special occasion?

The answer is quite simple; education, experience, knowledge and they create a stress-free, convenient environment. You want everything to be perfect on your wedding day and so do they. The last thing you need to stress about is making sure your makeup looks just right. Relax; hire a professional bridal makeup artist that will come to you, which puts more time in your already busy schedule. With experience and skill, a makeup artist is able to create a look for you that fits you, your personality, and enhances your natural beauty. You will save time and energy and its fun! It is very important that your makeup will look as beautiful and relevant in 20 years as it does on the day of your wedding.

Do you do hair styling as well?

I do light hair styling for photo shoots. For boudoir and glamour portraits only, I also apply basic hair volumizing techniques. I maintain a list of hair stylists—many of whom I contract or work with on a regular basis. For weddings, I love collaborating with Conor Sea for bridal hairstyling because he is so talented! We thoroughly enjoy working bridal parties together and making everyone feel their best.

When is a second make-up artist necessary?

If the number of persons requesting makeup services on the wedding day exceeds 8 or more, a second makeup artist may be required. This will be confirmed depending on the amount of time that you have available the morning of to get ready. If a second makeup artist is requested or required, a $100 fee will apply to the bridal client's total cost of services.

Do you offer bridal trials? If so, what is the process of that?

I do offer bridal trials and would highly recommend it! You should allow 90 minutes for a makeup-only trial and 2-1/2 to 3 hours for makeup and hair. During the allotted time, we discuss your wedding details and style preferences. We review any inspirational photos that you have brought, and then, based on our discussion, we do your makeup and hair. We then go over the finished look, tweaking the makeup and hair if needed. After we finalize the look for makeup and hair, we review and finalize the wedding day timeline and confirm whether any additional artists are needed to assist for your wedding day. With trials, it will also allow you to wear the makeup for the day and see how it feels and holds up in preparation for your wedding day. Then come day of your wedding, we would have the look nailed down already and everything will be a breeze!

How do I prepare for the bridal trial?

After deciding on a mutually agreeable pre-wedding trial date, I will email you with the following trial instructions:

  • Please refrain from wearing makeup products on the day of the trial. Regular skincare routine is fine.
  • Wear a white/cream v-neck, white/cream button down, or white/cream tank top. This is optimal for your pre-wedding day trial if you plan to wear a white dress for the wedding.
  • Please bring the signed and filled out contracts.
  • Please bring photos of your wedding hairstyle inspiration.
  • Please bring makeup inspiration photos.
  • Please bring photos of your wedding attire.
  • Please bring photos of wedding attire for your bridal party.
  • Please bring any photos you may have of planned decor, flowers, or colors. This helps me visualize the overall style for your wedding look.

How long will the make-up last? And what brands do you use?

As a medical Aesthetician, skincare prep is also a crucial part of the application process to ensure your makeup holds up well throughout the day. Following an awesome skin prep routine, the makeup will last all day without needing any touch ups with the exception of lips (due to eating/drinking etc). As a professional makeup artist, I am able to apply and set your makeup to ensure it looks as beautiful in the first hour as it does in the 8th hour. My Brides ALWAYS say that their makeup lasts until the next day! A tip to making sure your makeup stays put is to BLOT the happy wedding tears, rather than wiping them away. While most brides don’t need it, I provide a bridal touch up kit that includes a lip touchup and some blotting powder with you for any oil or sweat. If you are concerned about your makeup moving, I do offer a stand-by service. In this package, I will be with you all day for touch ups or to change your look throughout the night. Contact Bri at for more information about this service.

How long does make-up application take? And do you offer make-up services for other members of the bridal party?

Makeup applications are scheduled for 1 hour for the bride. It may take less time, but 45 minutes would be allocated per person to ensure proper application with no rush or hurry. I offer the 45 minute session for other members of the bridal party or mother’s etc.

Can I hire you for partial make-up services? I.E. Just the eyes, or just face?

Unfortunately I am not available for partial makeup services. For a look to be whole, complete and to represent my work, the makeup will need to be done by me from start to finish. This will also ensure the makeup will last all day. Unfortunately I do not touch up or do work or modification on other artist's work if there will be more than 1 makeup artist for your bridal party.

What is the process to secure you for my wedding date?

Contracts need to be signed and deposits paid. At the trial, if you decide to move forward and book me for your wedding day, I will just require a $350.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the date, ($200 for Makeup and $150 for Hair) and the remaining amount will be due on, or before your wedding day. (Trial fee is separate).

How do you handle payment?

I accept cash, Venmo & PayPal. Please process virtual payments as a “personal transaction” or the date of the event.

Should I tip?

If you feel that my service is stellar, by all means! If you love your artist's work, feel free to tip!

How do I contact you if I want to book you, or have more questions?

The best way to contact me will be via e-mail:

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